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Brand IdentitY

The China General Chamber of Commerce - USA (CGCC) is the largest nonprofit organization for Chinese enterprises in the United States. With an ambitious vision ahead, CGCC needed a professional corporate presence and brand identity for CGCC Foundation that communicates a global agenda - to foster economic growth and cooperation between the U.S. and Chinese business communities.



  • Brand Identity

  • Marketing Materials

Annual Report

The annual report design and layout effectively presented comprehensive information about the organization. Following Images are concept mockups.

Style Guidelines

Given the prestige of the organization, CGCC has chosen a modern and elegant look for its marketing materials. The designer has designed a suite of professional pamphlets, business cards, letterheads and brochures that establishes CGCC’s corporate presence.

Logo, Typography & Color Palette

The inspiration behind the logo derived from CGCC’s global brand message - Globalization, Business, and Communications. Following Images are concept mockups.

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