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Uber Trip

New Product Feature

UBER Trip is an experimental project to test the feasibility of adding a new mobile app feature on the existing UBER Platform.



  • Marketing Research

  • UX Research and Design

  • Visual Design

UX and Marketing Research 

Understand Your Audience

Lead Designer: Angela Song



The challenge is simple - we need to determine if the new feature is wanted and needed by our target market. Which competitors are currently dominating the space? Who is our ideal target audience and what's the brand message to reach them? In order to avoid product pitfalls, we must design with the end user in mind. Starting with asking the right questions and anticipating users' needs, we should aim to empathize with their problems and preferences.



We start by conducting user surveys to understand the exact problems our target market is facing. In this scenario, there are two sides of the puzzle - travelers demanding the service and drivers providing the service. Through our research, we were able to pinpoint the main concerns of the travelers and the solutions they seek. Then, we looked closely at the market and competitor analyses to further define our niche. 


It is crucial for our team to design the product based on data-driven marketing insights. Hence, the collaboration between marketing and design had to be spot on. We created persona and user roles to increase personalization and brand message targeting. The team continued on to develop a storyboard to illustrate different scenarios of product use. Finally, a decision is made collectively.


  • Competitive Analysis

  • User Interview

  • Validated User Research

  • Project Principles

  • Persona & User Roles

  • Storyboarding

UI and Visual Design

Final Deliverable

It started with a simple idea of providing travelers who are exploring a new city the flexibility and convenience of a charter car service within the UBER app. Users will have the power to book one driver for the entire trip and make multiple stops at their own schedules. 


Here’s what to expect of this case study. Over the course of a few weeks, the team performed marketing research, conducted real user testing and mocked up high fidelity visuals to validate the idea in hand. Before investing a significant amount of resources to add a new feature, it’s important to run a feasibility study to reduce the risk of product failure. 



  • Sketches

  • Wireframes

  • Usability testing

  • Visual Design Comps

UBER TRIP opens up a whole new world to explore.

Plan your trip as easy as 1, 2, 3

Also allows you to hire a private UBER driver to visit the places you love.

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